15 Ways To Keep Your Man From Cheating


There is no foolproof way to keep a person from cheating on you, but there are ways you can try to prevent cheating. Threats don’t work and will only create a hostile relationship which makes us prone to checking out other options. Instead, remain positive and focus strictly on making your current relationship even better than it already is. Build the relationship to the point where cheating not only looks like a bad idea, but it would be the worst choice he could ever make.

There are some men who are prone to cheating. They cheated on previous girlfriends and talk about it rather openly. They blame the ex-girlfriends for their own actions. There is no helping these guys and they will probably continue cheating for the rest of their lives.

The average good guy, however, doesn’t go into a relationship wanting to cheat. In fact, he wants a great relationship just as much as you do. So, put away the negative head games and get the relationship moving in a great direction with a prosperous future. If there is too much good to lose, chances are pretty high that he won’t screw things up for a side piece of meat.


15. Tell Him You Trust Him
Do you want to know the quickest way to getting your man to stay faithful to you? Tell him you trust him and tell it to him often. By doing this you are first off letting him know that he is worthy of your trust. Second, if the opportunity comes up for him to cheat on you, he probably won’t because he doesn’t want to feel guilty about betraying you.
I learned long ago to tell people that I trust them. The majority of the people I tell this to have remained truthful friends. Only a few people went out of their way to betray my trust and then I removed them from my life entirely.
It really is that simple. Don’t give a person a reason to cheat on you and give them every good reason to remain faithful. Most people want to do good and you can use this to your relationship’s advantage.

14. Stop The Nagging
He walks in the door and you immediately start in on him, “Why didn’t you call me during your lunch break? I waited for you to call and I texted you at least ten times. Where were you? Don’t you love me? Why do you always do this to me?”.
Thirty minutes later, you bring it up again. This time you drill into his head that he has to call you tomorrow afternoon during his lunch.
By now he is beyond grouchy and you are just being an annoying nag.
Let it go. Seriously. If you love your man, give him some space. He is an adult. If he has time to call you, then he will call you. If you keep bugging him about it, he will start dreading the very sound of your voice.
Nagging is a huge relationship killer and it can easily drive a man to turn to another woman for comfort.

13. Pull Him Back Into The Relationship
He seems to be drifting further and further away from you. When he comes over, he barely talks to you. In the bedroom, it seems like he is a million miles away. Before you lose him completely, you need to pull him back into the relationship.
You can start with a serious talk to find out what has been bugging him and where his head is at. Ask him if he honestly wants to make the relationship work. If he does, ask him what sort of changes he would like to make in the relationship. Find out what his dream relationship looks like in his mind.
Sometimes a serious, heart to heart talk with your man can put you both back on track and remind each of you why you got together in the first place.
On the other hand, if he doesn’t seem interested in working things out with you, then maybe it really is time to call it quits and move on.

12. Flirt With Him
The one thing those in long-term relationships seem to forget is how to flirt with each other. Sure, you guys laugh together, cry together, and are the best of friends, but when was the last time the two of you flirted with each other? Like many couples, it has probably been awhile.
Have you ever watched those sickening couples who are so incredibly in love interact with each other? They are constantly flirting with each other and keeping the thrill of the relationship alive. You and your partner can be like that, too. All you have got to do is start flirting with your man again.
Seduce him into the bedroom or onto the kitchen counter. Rub his leg under the table while at a restaurant. Whisper dirty thoughts to him while you are both visiting his parents. Send him a flirty picture while he is at work.
Let him know, show him, that you are still in love with him.

11. Set Life Goals Together
If you don’t want your man to wander off then it is time to work with him on setting life goals together. Life goals for couples can include job goals where you both support each other’s dreams and it should include housing goals, such as saving for a bigger apartment or a first house.
Couples that set goals together, work on them together. It keeps you and your man focused on what is important in the relationship. There isn’t time for him to check out other women because you both have a solid plan for a good future. Who the heck would want to screw that up? Not a man who knows that there is a bright future with you.
Set up long-term goals and create a footpath to reach those goals. Break the goals down into smaller, weekly or monthly goals and celebrate each victory along the way.

10. Don’t Accuse Him Of It
There is nothing more annoying than being with someone who constantly accuses you of cheating, especially when you haven’t cheated. For example, my ex-boyfriend was always accusing me of flirting with other men or he would accuse me of cheating on him while he was at work. I wasn’t cheating and I never did cheat on him, but that is just how stubborn I am on the subject. If I was a weaker person, I would have proved the son of a gun right and gotten myself a new man to replace his butt.
When you accuse someone of cheating all the time, they are likely to give into the urge to cheat. After all, you already suspect him of it so nothing is going to change if he finds a side piece. You will just keep on accusing him of it.
If you are absolutely certain a man is cheating on you, then leave him. Otherwise, keep quiet and stop bugging him about it.

9. Have Date Nights
Do you spend every night in with your boyfriend? When was the last time the two of you went out on a date? It is one thing to be comfortable enough with each other to kick back and watch Netflix, but it is quite another thing to lose the magic of dressing up and going out on a date.
Going out on dates is an excellent way to keep the romance alive and keep the relationship exciting. The two of you can visit new restaurants or go to the movies together. You will get to interact with other people and other couples. You will witness strange things that will keep the two of you talking for days. It is also a great time to flirt with each other and remember why you got together in the first place.
Never skip out on the dating when you’re in a relationship. It keeps the thrill of being together alive.

8. Be Willing To Try New Things
Doing the same old thing each and every day is boring, especially when it comes to the bedroom. If you really want to get your man’s attention and prevent him from cheating on you, start getting creative. Do some research online on how to spruce up the bedroom action. Bring in the toys and check out the bedroom games you both can play together. Get some lingerie and play dress up.
Be willing to try new things outside of the bedroom, too. Look into hobbies for couples or take up a sport together, such as mountain climbing.
Search the local activity boards for events that the two of you can enjoy together. Try wine tasting, beer festivals, or group walks. There is simply so much you and your man can do together so that you can keep your relationship fun and exciting for the rest of your days.


7. Don’t Let Him Walk All Over You
There is a difference between being an awesome girlfriend and being a doormat. An awesome girlfriend surprises her man and gives in to some of the things he wants. A doormat does everything he wants and lets him take advantage of her.
For example, your man wants to hang out with his best buds every night at the bar. You barely get any alone time with him, unless you are both sleeping. He is taking total advantage of your willingness to please him and he doesn’t see that you want some special time, too.
The awesome girlfriend doesn’t mind her guy going out a night or two each week with his friends, but she insists that he spends the other nights with her. She gives him his freedom, but she demands that he remains committed to the relationship. She shows him that she cares by letting him know that she wants that quality time with him.

6. Give Him Alone Time
Let your man have his personal space where he can go to be alone and tinker with whatever makes him happy. If you can, the two of you can plan daily or weekly alone time to do whatever you want.
You should also give him time to go hang out with his friends without you calling him incessantly. You, on the other hand, can go hang out with your friends and unwind.
Learn to trust him enough to let him do his own thing and work on any pet projects he has. He will absolutely love it and so will you. You will get so much more done during the free time if you learn to give him his space.

5. Your Appearance Matters
Many people think that once they are in an established relationship they can let themselves go. That means no more makeup, putting on a few pounds, and skimping on hygiene. Guess what? That is the quickest way to lose a partner plus it is really unhealthy for you.
If you find yourself slipping on your looks, it is time to take action. Don’t think of it as pleasing your man (although it does), but look at it as an opportunity to be your very best. Brush your teeth twice a day, take a daily shower, and for goodness sake get some exercise.
When a person lets her looks go to crap, she starts thinking less of herself and her man starts to feel the same way about her. Don’t let that happen, and if it already has, make the change today.

4. Surprise Him
It is really easy to fall into a boring routine with your partner. You both get up, go to work, come home, and veg in front of the television. It happens day after day and, honestly, it gets boring.
If you find that your relationship is getting boring, it is time to liven things up. If he gets home from work later than you, cook him a huge feast and serve dinner while wearing some adorable lingerie.
Put on the French maid outfit and start cleaning the house while he is watching television. See how long it takes him to notice.
Throw him a “Surprise, You’re Awesome!” party and invite his friends over for some beer and pizza.
Keep your man on his toes and he will love it. A man who is interested in what’s coming up is not the kind of guy who is going to cheat on you.

3. Have Dinner Conversations
It sounds old fashioned, but family dinners served a purpose. It allowed everyone to get together at least once each day to discuss everything that has been going on.
You don’t need to have kids to have a family dinner. Just plan a dinner time and make it a priority for you and your partner to spend that time eating, relaxing, and talking.
Conversations keep relationships alive. It gives you and him a chance to talk about the day, discuss worries, and share all the great moments. Having dinner together will bring you closer to your partner than going out on date at a noisy restaurant. It gives you both time to unwind and keep each other up to date with work and friendships.
If dinnertime doesn’t work for your schedules, plan a different time to get together. Even if it is just getting together for an hour of breakfast or lunch, it is time well spent.

2. Show Him Appreciation
Day in and day out, we go through life feeling like we are never truly appreciated for all the things we do. Women feel this way and so do the men. Make a positive change in your relationship right now and start to show your man that you appreciate him for all the things he does.
For example, let’s say that you both worked a long day. You don’t feel like cooking tonight, so you ask him to stop and pick up something to eat. He comes home with a big bag of fast food. It’s heaven. The two of you kick back and eat until you are both too full to move. To make the moment so much more special, you look over at him and you tell him thank you. You honestly let him know that you appreciate him stopping to pick up dinner. He will love the appreciation and will no doubt start stepping up more often for the praise you give him.

1. Let Him Know The Consequences
Let your man know from the start that cheating will not be tolerated. You are both adults and if he is attracted to another woman, you expect him to break the relationship off with you before he pursues another woman. Let him know that you would be hurt if he decided he wanted someone else, but also tell him that you would appreciate the honesty from him if he was no longer interested in maintaining a monogamous relationship with you.
If cheating is a taboo for you, it needs to be discussed. You will not take him back if he ever cheats on you. You will never be able to trust him again after an affair. If he wants an open relationship then he needs to let you go and find someone who shares his same values, because you are not into sharing your man.


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